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Juniors up to 16yrs on 14.2HH or below. Seniors to be suitably mounted.
Competitors must be 12yrs old to ride 14.3hh or over.


  • Class 1 - Cross Poles
  • Class 2 - 60cm
  • Class 3 - 80cm
  • Class 4 - 1 metre
  • Class 5 - Take your own line 50cm
  • Class 6 - Take your own line 70cm
  • Class 7 - Take your own line 90cm
  • Class 11 - Top score ponies 50cm
  • Class 12 - Top score horses 80cm

Entry Fees £7.50 per class


  • Class 8 - Pairs 50cm
  • Class 9 - Pairs 75cm
  • Class 10 - Pairs 1 metre

Entry Fees £5.00 per competitor (meaning £10 per class in your pair)

Online entries via Horse Monkey

Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre Events

Competitors should enter PAIRS classes individually - £5 per competitor for a total of £10 per class for the pair.


Christmas themed fancy dress is allowed all day - all usual boot, hat and safety rules apply.

Take your own line
The fences are numbered for judging purposes only. The competitor may jump them in any order and in either direction. The start and finish lines may be crossed in either direction. Failure to jump all the obstacles on the course plan incurs elimination. Each fence to be jumped once. The quickest route wins.

Two members to a team. The first member jumps the designated fences on the course plan, on landing over their last fence the second team member is then released from the holding box and then jumps their course and goes through the finish. The quickest team wins.

Top Score
Each fence is clearly marked with a number of points from 10 to 120. The Time Allowed is 45 seconds. The round starts when the competitor crosses the start line in either direction. All fences can be jumped in any order, any direction and jumped twice only. Disobedience's are not penalised as this only decreases the time allowed. The judges ring the bell when the 45 seconds are up and the competitor must then stop jumping and cross the finish line in any direction. A joker will be included and will be significantly higher than the course, this can be jumped for 200 points (only twice), but if you have the joker down you lose 200 points. If in event of a tie in points time decides.


Ballavartyn accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any person, animal, vehicle or property whatsoever – however caused. Owners/riders enter entirely at their own risk and it is a condition of entry that no liability of any kind attaches itself to the organisers, judges or landowner at the event in any respect whatsoever.

Please contact Jodie on 205990 for more details.
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