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Juniors up to 16yrs on 14.2HH or below. Seniors to be suitably mounted.
Competitors must be 12yrs old to ride 14.3hh or over.

  • Class 1 - 60cm
  • Class 2 - 70cm
  • Class 3 - 80cm
  • Class 4 - 90cm
  • Class 5 - 1 metre
  • Class 6 - 1.10m

Entry Fees £10.00 per class


A team must consist of 4 riders, with each team member jumping a round of jumps at a height suitable for their level.

All penalties received will be added together and the team with the least penalties will win. If there is a tie break situation, we will add the 2 fastest rider times together from each team and the quickest will win!

Prizes will be sponsored by Ballavartyn.

Each team must have a team name, the funnier the better (remember we have children present)!

  • Heights - 60cm | 70cm | 80cm | 90cm | 1.00m | 1.10m

Entry Fees £35.00 per team

Current Entries

Rules of entry

You can only enter two classes per horse/pony.

Entries close at 6pm on Sunday 11 November. No late/day entries will be accepted for this event.

Team Rules
  • If a rider falls off they will be eliminated, but the team can still carry on as long as 2 riders' times count
  • 4 faults for a fence down
  • 8 faults for a refusal, 3 stops will be elimination
  • Event will be run as per normal BV Arena Eventing rules
Dress Code

Please be aware that you need to wear a current BETA approved body protector, emergency arm band and a long sleeved top. Hats must be of current standard and have NO fixed peak. You will not be able to compete unless these rules are adhered to.


The indoor event will consist of a show jumping course followed by a timed simulated cross country course. Penalties in both sections count towards the results.

Show Jumping Section

  • Knock down - 4 penalties
  • 1st disobedience – 4 penalties
  • 2nd disobedience – 8 penalties
  • 3rd disobedience – Elimination

Cross Country Section

  • Knock Down – 10 penalties
  • 1st disobedience – 10 penalties
  • 2nd disobedience – 15 penalties
  • 3rd disobedience - Elimination

Rider or horse fall in either section is elimination.


Placings will be decided on time and penalties and to sixth place. Classes will be split junior/senior if entries suffice. Please remember in the interest of safety arena eventing is about having fun for you and your equine partner and a simulation event for introducing cross country style fences – it’s not a racetrack because the fences can fall….. Enjoy and have fun!!

Please contact Jodie on 205990 for more details.
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