Event Details


Event starts at 10:30am with In Hand classes. Please contact Jodie on 205990 for more details.

In Hand Classes
  • 1. Gorgeous Gelding
  • 2. Prettiest Mare
  • 3. Best Mane and Tail
  • 4. Kindest Eyes
  • 5. Horse or Pony the Judge would most like to take home
  • 6. Pairs - matched or mismatched

In Hand Championship
1st and 2nd Prize winners from Classes 1-6 to qualify

Fancy Dress Classes
  • 7. Fancy Dress - mounted or unmounted

30 Minute Lunch Break

Ridden Classes - no earlier than 12.30pm
  • 8. Novice Rider - not to have competed in more than 5 shows
  • 9. Novice Horse or Pony*
  • 10. Family Horse or Pony*
  • 11. Three Loop Serpentine in Trot
  • 12. Competition Horse or Pong - may include jump*

Ridden Championship
1st and 2nd Prize winners from Classes 8-12 to qualify


Ballavartyn accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any person, animal, vehicle or property whatsoever – however caused. Owners/riders enter entirely at their own risk and it is a condition of entry that no liability of any kind attaches itself to the organisers, judges or landowner at the event in any respect whatsoever.

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