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  • All classes will be run under British Showjumping Rules and will be drawn order.
  • All classes will be single phase.
  • You must state which section you are going to jump in, in combined classes.
  • If there are fewer than 4 starters in an affiliated class, Ballavartyn may run the class without paying out prize money.
  • Prize money that is awarded will be detailed on result sheets and be graded on the horse/pony’s winning record together with double clears if applicable.
  • If competitors aren’t in agreement, Ballavartyn may cancel the competition in accordance with Rule 76.14.

Available Classes

Entry fees are £10 per affiliated class.

British Showjumping Pony – Junior
  • Class 1a - Pony British Novice First Round
  • Class 1b - Junior 80cm Open
  • Class 2a - Pony Discovery - First Round
  • Class 2b - Junior 90cm Open
British Showjumping Horse – Senior
  • Class 3a - Dodson & Horrell 85cms National Amateur Championship Qualifier - First Round
  • Class 3b - Senior 85cm Open
  • Class 4a - Equissage Pulse Senior British Novice 90cm - First Round
  • Class 4b - Senior 90cm Open
  • Class 5a - Dodson & Horrell 95cms National Amateur Championship Qualifier - First Round
  • Class 5b - Senior 95cm Open
  • Class 6a - Nupafeed Supplements Senior Discovery 1m - First Round
  • Class 6b - Senior 1m Open
  • Class 7a - Dodson & Horrell 1.05m National Amateur Championship Qualifier - First Round
  • Class 7b - Senior 1.05m Open
  • Class 8a - Lord & Lady Senior Newcomers 1.10m - First Round
  • Class 8b - Senior 1.10m Open
  • Class 11 - Dodson & Horrell 1.10m National Amateur Championship Qualifier - First Round
  • Class 9a - National 1.15m Members Cup Qualifier - First Round
  • Class 9b - Senior 1.15m Open
  • Class 10a - Equitop GLME Senior Foxhunter - First Round
  • Class 10b - Senior 1.20m Open

Current Affiliated Entries

Rules of entry

Entries close at 12pm on Sunday 25 July 2021.


Ballavartyn accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any person, animal, vehicle or property whatsoever – however caused. Owners/riders enter entirely at their own risk and it is a condition of entry that no liability of any kind attaches itself to the organisers, judges or landowner at the event in any respect whatsoever.

Please contact Jodie on 205990 for more details.
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